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At UNISSA, we aim to equip you with English communication skills that will help you become proficient in influencing Islamic discourse in order to support the university’s central goal in producing Muslim graduates who can hold important leadership and community roles in society in Brunei Darussalam and beyond.

“Looking back at my EFIS (English for Islamic Studies) journey course, I find that it was actually a stepping stone onto my interest in producing dakwah videos in the future. EFIS is not only a simple English communication skills course but it’s a lifelong learning skill that will be beneficial for each individual. I honestly loved everything about the course, it has made me a more matured pupil and opened doors to my creativity cap. I feel that I was not studying English, but I was enjoying it instead!”

Mardhiah binte Rozalan (Singapore), Year 2 student of Faculty of Syariah and Law

Our English Courses

Our English courses are University Required Courses (URC), meaning all Undergraduate students must take at least one of these courses during their first or second year of study here.

  • PG0101 Foundation English
International students in Foundation English class

A pre-sessional, uncredited and supplementary English course that supports international students who do not satisfactorily meet the university’s English entry requirement.

The nature of the course will depend on students’ English language proficiency tested through an English Proficiency Test (EPT).

No. of contact hours: 8-10 hours/week

Upon completion of the course, students are expected to be able to use different listening strategies to be able to extract important information from a variety of text types and also be able to speak effectively to communicate with others, including how to explain problems and how to answer them.

  • PG0102 English for Law

This course focuses on forming a basic and solid foundation for language skills needed when studying legal contexts. It emphasises particularly on linguistic accuracy in two areas of language – technical legal vocabulary and basic grammar.

This course is only offered to students of HND Shariah Criminal Justice System.

No. of contact hours: 3 hours/week

At the end of this course, students will be able to widen their vocabulary reservoir and reinforce the knowledge of English grammar and usage. At the same time, they will be able to identify accurate prepositions and collocations within a legal written contexts.

  • PG0103 English for Business

This course is dual focused on both academic culture (equipping students with language skills needed for university level) and from business and economic contexts.

This course is only offered to students from the Faculty of Islamic Economics and Finance.

No. of contact hours: 3 hours/week

At the end of this course, students are expected to recognise, understand and analyse business and academic text structures, register and style as well as communicate ideas effectively in written form that is appropriate to business and academic registers.

  • PG1119 English for Islamic Studies

This course aims to enhance students’ literary and communication skills for purposes of delivering dakwah of Islamic beliefs and current issues through different literary practices, including digital media.

Projects included: writing Islamic short stories for book publication, script-writing for video production and infographic creation.

This course is only offered to students who are taking Arabic/Malay-medium programmes.

No of contact hours: 3 hours/week

  • PG2104 English for Academic Purposes

In this course, students learn appropriate language skills required when studying at university level. This includes learning to read and write academic texts. Overall, it acts as a supplementary course to prepare students in their language skills so that they are able to use these skills in their English-medium courses taught to them by their faculties.

This course is only offered to students taking English Medium programmes such as Bachelor of Halal Science and Bachelor of Islamic Media & Communication Technology.

No. of contact hours: 3 hours/week

  • PG2105 English for Professional Communication

This course aims to develop students’ English communication skills through completing authentic tasks under work/professional settings (such as interviews, internal/external communication, presentations, meetings, current issues at the workplace) where communication, whether written or spoken, are in English.

This course is only offered to Year 2 students taking Arabic/Malay-Medium Programmes.

No. of contact hours: 3 hours/week

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