To provide Islamic studies programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in a systematic and efficient way. This is to enable comprehensive teaching and learning for the capacity building of Ulama, quality human resources and specialist scholars of Islam who have excellent conduct in character, devotion, deep knowledge and professionalism.

To increase productivity in effective teaching and learning, research and publication through the use of modern technology.

To encourage efforts in research activities, consultation services, advice and professionalism as viewed from Islamic perspectives.

To contribute and create an educated nation of believers, practitioners and good influence of following the teachings of Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah and the development of Mazhab Shafi’i.

To instill various knowledge and Islamic references, and to spread and teach this knowledge for the benefit of the society.

Apart from its benefit to Brunei Darussalam, the establishment of UNISSA in the long run as the centre of Islamic Dakwah within the Asia-Pacific region will benefit other international countries.