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Event Date: December 7, 2023

UNISSA Library has organised their first Kitab Speaks on 7 December 2023 with guest speaker, author Prof Madya Nur Jannah Hassan, Head Centre of Islamisation (CENTRIS-IIUM). She is one of the authors of Natural Science from the Worldview of al-Quran book, edited by the late Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Mohd Kamal bin Hassan, the third former IIUM Rector.

The book presents the major rationales for integrating the Qur’anic worldview and the natural sciences. It touches upon the fundamental elements of the Quranic worldview in relation to the studies of nature.

Kitab Speaks is an online program to promote a reading culture through knowledge sharing sessions with book authors. Kitab Speaks will feature different authors and highlight the diverse book collection of UNISSA Library.