Vol. 1 No. 1 (2021): IECO Vol.1, No. 1, January 2021

Legal Issues In Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) & Blockchain In Brunei Darussalam

Hakimah Yaacob
Faculty of Islamic Economics and Finance (FEKIm), Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali, Brunei Darussalam

Published 2021-01-01


  • Distributed Ledger Technology,
  • Legal Issues,
  • Blockchain,
  • Brunei Darussalam

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Hakimah Yaacob. (2021). Legal Issues In Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) & Blockchain In Brunei Darussalam. IEco | Islamic Economics Journal, 1(1), Page 1–24. Retrieved from https://unissa.edu.bn/journal/index.php/ieco/article/view/390


Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) have changed the regulatory landscape globally. Regulators are working hard to create conducive environment for the deployment of DLT and the blockchain. However, robust growth of technology does not come with speedy regulatory changes. This includes reviewing and adapting regulatory requirements or procedures that may unintentionally inhibit innovation or render them non-viable due to lacuna in law. This article is an attempt to analyse the DLT and blockchain from legal perspectives in Brunei. The issues raised in the article warrant considerable merits of law makers’ attention. The article concludes with several suggestions and recommendations.
The paper employs library research with main references to the policy papers, Act and legislations. Where necessary, the paper makes reference to other countries for comparative purposes. The paper includes several suggestions and recommendations for authority’s consideration. The findings suggest that despite of the existing enabling provisions in Brunei, there is a need to have a
comprehensive regulations for blockchain and DLT due to excessive big data and other liabilities issues involves.