Associate Professor

Contact Info:

Associate Professor Dr Muhammad Bakir Bin Haji Yaakub

Profile Summary

  • I’m a hard-working lecturer, researcher and translator, dedicate to on time and quality productivity.

Academic Qualifications

  • Ph.D/ 2001 (Arabic Semantic)
  • MA/ 1991 (Arabic Linguistic)
  • BA (Hons)/ 1988 (Arabic Studies)
  • Diploma/ 2003 (Islamization of Language and Literature)

Area of Expertise

  •  Arabic Semantics
  •  Translation (Arabic-Malay-English)
  •  Islamization of Language and Literature
  •  Curriculum Design and Texts Books Assessments.
  •  Socio-linguistics
  •  Psycho-linguistics
  •  Islamic Knowledge Managements.


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